How to Participate in the OSS Discovery Project

OSS Discovery is an open source project. We need your help to make it successful. There are many different types of ways you can contribute and we welcome the help and participation. We need community members who want to contribute fingerprints rules for their open source project, open source users to contribute scans, and open source communities and vendors to help promote The Open Source Census.

Get Involved as a Sponsor

The Open Source Census is sponsored by a variety of participants in the open source ecosystem – from vendors to analysts to non-profit foundations. We are continually recruiting sponsors that will help make The Open Source Census successful.

Get Involved by Contributing Fingerprints

OSS Discovery uses "fingerprints" to identify each open source package. It's important that we have an extensive fingerprint library to enable OSS Discovery to identify the broadest possible set of open source packages – for The Open Source Census as well as for enterprises and individuals who want to take inventory of their open source software.

Our primary focus is finding open source packages used in the enterprise. So if you work on or use an open source package that you want to take inventory of or get counted in The Open Source Census, you can help out by contributing a set of fingerprint rules for your package. See the Contribute Fingerprints section for more info.

Get Involved by Improving OSS Discovery

We welcome new open source project fingerprints, bug notifications, ideas for new features, patches, and code contributions to OSS Discovery.

Let us know about a bug or submit a feature request

To submit a bug or a feature suggestion, please add an issue to our database using our Issue Tracker.

Submit a bug fix

To fix a bug yourself and submit a patch for OSS Discovery, follow these steps:

  1. Get OSS Discovery ready for patching
  2. Make your change
    • Update the source code to implement the fix or enhancement
    • Add or change any unit tests to prove the change worked
    • Verify that all (existing and new) tests work
  3. Share your contribution
    • Create a patch of your changes: svn diff > named_patch.diff
    • Create a new issue of type "Contribution: Code" and upload your diff
    • Keep track of your ticket in case discussion is required before the contribution is submitted to SVN
    • Agree to the OSS Discovery Contributor Agreement. See the License and Legal section

Become a committer

OSS Discovery Committers are contributors that have made outstanding contributions to the project and now have commit access in the subversion repository. Committers are responsible for helping develop and maintain the project. All committers must agree to the OSS Discovery Contributor Agreement. See the License and Legal section of this site.

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